Dr. Enrico Celio

Dr.  Enrico Celio

HIL H 42.1

Stefano-Franscini-Platz 5

8093 Zürich


  • +41 44 633 40 64
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Previous Teaching

> Participatory modelling (lecture and lab) (Msc, Fall 2019, 2020)

Project week 'landscape development' (lecture and field course) (Msc, Spring 2014 - 2021)

> Planning II: Assessment methods in landscape development (Bsc, Spring 2012)

Current Projects

Participatory land-use modelling to accelerate sustainable transformation applying a landscape approach (PLUMALA)
Conducting a participatory land-use planning process in the perspective of the landscape approach. Using participatory modelling (see project r4d Managing telecoupled landscapes). Financed by the "Swiss Programme for Research on Global Issues for Development" (r4d).
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Managing Telecoupled Landscapes
Managing telecoupled landscapes for the sustainable provision of ecosystem services and poverty alleviation financed by "Swiss Programme for Research on Global Issues for Development" (r4d). external pagehttp://www.telecoupling.unibe.ch/

LP+: Further development of the "agricultural planning"
Development of a visioning tool for and further development of the process of the "agricultural planning". Financed by the Federal Office for Agriculture and seven cantons. https://lpplus.ethz.ch/


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